Our Culture, Our Community, Our Country

About Us

We are proud to provide our services from the Poospatuck Reservation (meaning "where the waters meet"), a Native American reservation of the Unkechaug Tribe in the community of Mastic, New York; a sovereign nation that has been recognized by New York State as far back as the 18th century, and by Federal Courts as recently as 2009.

The Tribe once occupied thousands of acres in New York. 1500 acres of land that had been long held by the Unkechaug and that continued from an original land agreement entered into with the King of England and the Unkechaug in the 17th century was set aside for the exclusive use of the Unkechaug. Today, that allotment has been stripped down to 55 acres; nevertheless, the affinity of the people to the land is as strong as in the past, if not even stronger today.

The Unkechaug are faced with a rate of population growth greater than the national average and an increased demand for tribal services. Housing density and occupancy levels are unacceptable when measured against this rate of population growth and available land, as well as the number of tribal members who want to return to their traditional homeland.. Efforts to expand housing for tribal members are blocked by a lack of land. The Unkechaug are committed to increasing the land base in order to meet the needs of their members.Β 


The legalization of medical and adult-use marijuana has become widespread in the United States and has stimulated an urgent discussion about creating social equity programs to benefit individuals and communities damaged by the long-running War on Drugs.

The Unkechaug Tribe has examined current state and municipal social equity plans to understand their diverse approaches and identify their keys to success. We believe the New York Office of Cannabis Management is taking important steps to maximize positive social equity impact for the communities it serves.

We must do the same for the community we serve. It is our goal to extend this positive social impact to include members of the Unkechaug Tribe, who face immediate needs in housing, services, and opportunities. Cannabis presents an unparalleled opportunity to provide much-needed resources to build upon an already strong community foundation, and pursue goals beneficial to the Tribe and its members.Β